This is my story and bags. I've always liked a variety of bags, including different styles, different brands. The most recent occurrence of the bag before Christmas story, I went to buy a Christmas gift for her husband in michael kors outlet online. I am going to give my husband a purse, went a very familiar leather shop, I send her husband's belt and mobile phone sets are there to buy. While carefully selected for her husband picked out a wallet, find the money to pay the money and wait for the boss of a moment, take a look back and see the one that seems to have seen in dream michael kors factory outlet, bright orange, generous yet dignified style, moderate size, after hastily in his hand, excellent workmanship, excellent cortex, intimate inner bag design made me want to have swept the heart becomes stronger, although see the label on the expensive labels, heart have hesitated for a moment, but still made up his mind quickly, and the boss while bargaining, the world's most beautiful bag belongs to me.

Wedding day my michael kors handbags outlet were so beautiful, a friend sent, red, embroidered with sequins, but in actual use, a problem encountered in the process, received a red envelope too much, so that the bag is not on the buckle, also had lost over two hundred .dollars to the ground. Fortunately, aunt was picked up back to me.